After years of managing the 400m of hedges around my boundary I decided to attack the last 75m of neglected northern hedge, bounding the prairie with my vast farmers’ field 100 square miles. large.

I got my normal tree surgeon who quoted to shred and cut to 12 inches the resulting logs. He took 5 hours which I thought was a long time v £300 quote with two guys and a shredder. He pleaded that fact and so I paid more, wishing to maintain good long term relations.

I offered a number of friends the huge pile of logs but the postman seem to have taken them all.

Despite viewing the hedge from wheelchair I clearly hadn’t seen it very clearly. I had dreamt that the hedge would be down to 3m. what I soon discovered was the majority of the hedge was on famer land and so remained untouched, 10 5m high hawthorn trees… shame. They have never been topped. With a boundary of c100 miles I don’t suppose my 75m is exactly a priority! Especially as this field will be filled, if the farmer has his own way, with wind turbines.

We planted it up with the cold store stocked remaining hedge bare root plants suitably rabbit protected. Now I have 75m of plastic hoops to look at for 3 years. Then a lollypop hedge with a bare, open neck to look forward to.

When my neighbour gives me freedom I will sort his boundary too. 

Mark Jennings Man Of Leisure MOL NVBM

Sport is imposing order on what was chaos. Anthony Starr