Excitement Building 19 March 2010
Excitement Building 19 March 2010
Today we scrounged more plant pots to be given away , filled with plants for OPEN DAY visitors.

Tomorow we will seed up some trays to be left in the garage. Lavatera , lupin flowers. As 1 packet of seeds is way too much, we will sered the raised bed and keep an eye on it and if necessary, to it again.
At last I decided, talked tomorrow and planned, the felling of 35 metres of old , thoroughly abused and overgrown, blackthorn hedging. It has, probably NEVER been topped. Eric, the local man with hedging gear and a tractor agreed. It w ill be chopped 16/3
What a mess it is when compared to the hazel hedge. Similarly ignored then chopped to 3 metres filling the othern half of the northern boundary. Next week the blackthorn will be shaved….big time.
I’m warning log burner owning friends of the forthcoming free supply of 1ft logs as requested and quoted for. Next week it is done including Monkey M@ark as he swings wit his chainsaw to sort out the ewe trees in the hedge. He had talked about cutting off the split off shoots bearing in strange direftions. They will give us some sizeable logs.

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