ACS Distance Education - Over 400 Distance Learning Courses In Horticulture, Landscape Design And Many More
ACS Distance Education - Over 400 Distance Learning Courses In Horticulture, Landscape Design And Many More
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Postcode: DY82WZ
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Telephone: 0800 328 4723 between 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. (UK Only)
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About Our School
Established in 1979, ACS Distance Education has educated over 60,000 people; and it's courses are now used by affiliated colleges in the UK, Ireland, France, Australia and elsewhere.
Tutors are highly qualified (degree equiv. qualifications and at least 5 years industry experience).
Service is our top priority -unlike many other schools, you have access to stronge person to person tutoring support not only through assignments, but if needed, over the phone or by email, 5 days a week.

Our courses are unique, built around the ideas of experiential learning and problem based learning (Unlike competency based training used elsewhere, we emphasise learning more and assessment less).

Courses have been developed with strong industry input from around the world and are continually updated on the basis of surveys undertaken by both current students and graduates every month of the year.

The school holds high the ideals of practical education, emphasising in all courses those things which are relevant to "real life". Courses offered cater for hobby interest through to formal training in industry and the professions.

With over 170 different horticulture courses, we can offer the largest variety of horticultural training programs you will find anywhere. These include:
Royal Horticultural Society Courses -Level II and Level III certificates through to the RHS Master of Horticulture
Landscaping and Garden Design Courses
Certificate in Garden Design
Diploma in Landscaping
Lots of short courses including Landscaping Home Gardens, Landscape Construction, Garden Renovation, Water Gardening, Garden History, Natural Garden Design, Playground Design.
Home Gardener Courses
Short Courses including: Home Garden Expert, Home Vegetable Gardening, Home Hydroponics, Home Fruit Growing
Self Sufficiency
Certificate in Horticulture-Organics,
Short Courses including: Self Sufficiency I & II, Permaculture Systems, Organic Plant Growing, Organic Farming, Advanced Permaculture, etc
General Horticulture
Certificates, Advanced Certificates,Associate Diplomas, Diplomas
Short Courses including: Horticulture I Foundation course, Horticulture II- Plant Knowledge, Plant Health, Irrigation, Garden Maintenance, Practical Horticulture, Weed control, Amenity Horticulture
Certificate in Turf, Associate Diploma in Turf
Short Courses including: Turf Care, Turf Renovation, Sports Turf
Certificate in Arboriculture, Advanced Certificate
Short Courses including: Arboroculture I & II, Trees for Rehabilitation, Deciduous Trees
Nursery & Propagation
Certificates and Diplomas
Short Courses including: Propagation, Garden Centre Management, Nursery Management, Propagation I, Seed Propagation, Tissue Culture, Cutting Propagation
Crop Production
Certificates and Diplomas
Short Courses including: Cut Flower Production, Fruit, Vegetables, Agronomy, Pastures, Nut Crops, Berry Fruit, Mushroom Production, etc
Certificates and Diplomas
Short Courses including: Herb Culture, Lavender, Aromatherapy, Culinary Herbs, Medicinal Herbs
Certificates and Diplomas
Short Courses including: Roses, Orchids, Tropicals, Annual Flowers, Perennials, Cacfti & Succulents, Proteas, Bulbs, Camellias, Azaleas and Rhododendrons, Eucalypts, Grevilleas, Bush Tucker Plants, Indoor Plants, Carnivorous Plants, Bonsai, etc
Environmental Science, Botany, Mechanics, Biochemistry, etc
ACS is part of a group of colleges that include ACS in Australia ( ), ADL, Educational Academy, Warwickshire College, Warnborough College Ireland, Garden Design Academy in France, Courses Direct, Lifestyle Learning Direct, and others ( )