Gardenglass: Hayhoe Designs Ltd
Gardenglass: Hayhoe Designs Ltd
Address: The Scuplture House
130 Acre Road
Kingston Upon Thames
Postcode: KT2 6EN
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Telephone: +44 (0)208-549-5999
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Sarah And Dominic Hayhoe are a brother and sister team who set up Hayhoe Designs four years ago. Dominic trained as a technical engineer and has been making furniture for three years; Sarah's fine art background is evident in the way she works with glass.


Using their combined skills they make bespoke internal window shutters with either decorative glass panels or, wooden panels with drilled motifs. When the sun shines through the glass, coloured shadows are cast across the rooms. At night from outside these glass panels appear to hover like beautiful coloured laterns. The choices of glass and it's patterned/texture are endless and can match any design scheme. The wooden panels with their drilled holes evoke a delicate serenity as shafts of light are projected on to adjacent walls. Each set of shutters are made to the clients specifcation and provde security and privacy.

Provides a contemporary way to combine art and design to your garden.

hayhoe_gardenglass_2.jpg hayhoe_gardenglass_3.jpg hayhoe_gardenglass_4.jpg hayhoe_gardenglass_5.jpg 

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Bespoke glass sculpture ,commissions undertaken.

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Go to our website and view our Products to see the current range of Gardenglass panel and leaf products together with their catalogue order codes.

Glass Panels:

Then simply scroll down to see all items and price list. 

Glass panels are available in 2 sizes:

Small 1.3 metres at £85 each and large 1.75 metres at £105 each.

To purchase simply click on the required style and size button below the image.

Gardenglass gift vouchers available soon! Phone or email for details.

Glass leaves:


The glass leaves shown on the website are examples of the products.

Each piece is made individually so no two pieces are exactly the same.

The glass leaves are available in a set of six mixed size leaves with individual ties at £60.

The leaves are also available as a line of fifteen mixed sizes threaded together at £150.