Link-a-Bord Sets and Components
Link-a-Bord Sets and Components
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The health of our children is a hot topic.  A growing obesity rate, lack of physical exercise and a poor diet are commonplace.

A really easy way to get kids out into the fresh air, exercising and eating fresh fruit and vegetables is by getting them interested in how things grow and how waste gets broken down.

Kids eat anything they've grown themselves.  Wouldn't it be a pleasure to see them tucking into plates of home-grown vegetables, having built up an appetite working in the grden?  Better than a burget in front of the box!

Our children's vegetable plots have been designed with kids in mind from the start.  Assembly really is child's play and the vegetable seeds have been specially selected to grow beneath the soil, on the surface and creep up the wigwam.

Link-a-Bord Sets and Components Link-a-Bord is an ingenious British made modular raised bed system, available in a choice of  complete sets or as individual components - it is easy to assemble, versatile, lightweight and completely maintenance free.

Complete Sets From Only 15.95