Twin Wooden Compost Bin
Twin Wooden Compost Bin
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The Twin Wooden Compost Bin is easy to assemble, no nails, no screws no holes to dig.

Sliding panels for easy removal of finished compost. Get the barrow right up to your compost.

Solid wood is porous & insulating.

Closed sides prevent uneven composting.

Twin compartments allow for one side to mature whilst filling the other.

Suitable for garden & kitchen vegetable waste.

Designed to work below waist height preventing back strain.
The Wooden Compost Bins is manufactured from wood that comes from FSC certificated Northern European Forests. They have been treated with a non-toxic preservative that will not kill the worm & bugs in the compost or spoil your plants.

By utilising the posts on any side of the Wooden Compost Bin and sliding new panels into them you can double, treble the size of your bin in just a few minutes by adding a

Wooden Compost Bin Module

Spare Boards and Posts available.

Suitable for garden and kitchen waste.

As used by Alan Titchmarsh on Gardeners World TV
•Capacity 1240 Litres - 4.5 cu ft
•Measurements 75 x 179 x 91 cm - 29" x 5'9" x 36" - h x w x d