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Mountfield 4-stroke brushcutters are designed and manufactured to meet the highest industry quality standards. Use of the finest components assures smooth operation, high performance and durability. Offering excellent power to weight ratios, all models feature electronic ignition and a diaphragm carburettor for smooth operation. They also have an anti-vibration dampening system for comfortable extended usage. The Mountfield MB425 Brushcutter is powered by a 25cc four stroke engine for quieter operation and lower emissions. It runs on unleaded fuel - unlike with 2-stroke machines, it has a separate chamber for the oil and so no oil has to be mixed in with the petrol. Tapping the auto-feed nylon line head on the ground when the machine is in use will renew the line as it wears. A 3 tooth metal blade, single strap safety harness and goggles are supplied as standard. Weight 6.1 kg. SAVE £130! FREE DELIVERY NEXT WORKING DAY! 12 MONTH MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY ON MOUNTFIELD 4-STROKE BRUSHCUTTERS.

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