Stephen Charlton
Stephen Charlton
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Award winning sculptor Stephen Charlton creates unique animal sculptured forms in bronze for both indoors and outdoors from his studio in Warwickshire, England.

Working in both clay and resin, Stephen uses the traditional loss wax process, casting his limited editions in bronze. Each sculpture is finished in a patination (colour) that suits each individual piece.

If you are looking for a sculpture that captures your heart, to place in your hallway, conservatory, garden or public space then take a tour.


Commissions can be undertaken for private clients or public work.

Following an invitation by leading garden designer Diarmuid Gavin to appear at Chelsea Flower Show, Stephen exhibited himself at Chelsea showing his ‘Mouse having a ball’








Since the age of six I've always been good with my hands. I remember at junior school my papier- mache totem pole that won high acclaim.

Ten years later, I attended York College of Art and studied design for four years, leaving with a credible degree and a job to go to.Twenty five years of being a designer, creative director and freelance consultant ensured that briefs were interrogated, deadlines met and creativity switched on and off at a moments notice.

In my garage at the age of forty two, sculpture came into my life. As an observer of everything around me and a good sense of spatial awareness that I inherited from my father, I began to create what was to be my personal revelation, a joy and a channel to express my emotions through sculptural forms. A new world had opened up before me and just two years later, I was putting my work into bronze.

To this day, I feel that I am still at the foot of the stairs, still wanting to see and learn more and to share my sparks of inspiration and spontaneity with others.

Sculpture has given me a feeling of purpose, something that can be enjoyed by so many who will see and feel something for themselves.

So, I will continue my quest, to take commissions and to tickle the insides of my audiences.


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