“Gambling Environments” - Conceptual Garden
“Gambling Environments” - Conceptual Garden
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Anita Smith
‘Gambling Environments’ illustrates the consequences of careless human waste disposal. The cubes represent a set of fortune dice and each face of the dice carries a different word upon it. For example on the “turf die” we will see words such as energy, reuse and susainability, but on the “cobble-filled die” we see words such as excess, discard, dump and devastation.

The garden has an area of lush wildflower meadow representing an environment where we do recycle and reuse, moving on through an area of sedum mix to represent a time of transition, to the barren area of cobbles strewn with items that should have been recycled. Thus showing the impact on the environment as we have to use more energy producing products that could have been made from recycling or reusing existing items.