sloping suburban garden
sloping suburban garden
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A woodland garden with natural pond

The garden was redesigned to include a natural pond within a woodland setting. The slope of the garden allowed a stream and waterfall to be created with marginal planting. New trellis panelling was installed to hide the existing fence, and a small area of decking was erected on the site of the former compost heap to accommodate an arbour and some large pots of specimen plants next to the conservatory. A dry stone watercourse leads from the pond to a small grove of birch trees underplanted with ferns, Heuchera, drumstick primulas and creeping Jenny. A Japanese style plank bridge crosses the dry stream leading up the slope towards a seat and statue silhouetted against an evergreen hedge. A mixed border on the opposite side of the garden provides inspiration for the artist who lives here. 

BEFORE:                                  AFTER:

client_2_before_3_(wince).jpg client_2__-_pond_1_(wince).jpg 

client_2_before_5_(wince).jpg client_2__after_1_(wince).jpg

sloping_before_3_(small).jpg sloping-after-3_(small).jpg

client_2__before_2_(wince).jpg sloping-after-4_(small).jpg

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