Weaver's Cottage
Weaver's Cottage
Address: The Cross
PA10 2JG
Postcode: PA10 2JG
Telephone: Tel (01505) 705588
Website: Please Click Here
With original working looms and spinning wheels, the traditional weaver’s craft comes vividly to life. Built in 1723, the weaver’s cottage houses the last of 800 handlooms once working in the village of Kilbarchan. The weavers today use the 200-year-old loom, specialising in the making of tartan. They regularly spin and dye their own wool using natural dyes, many of which are obtained from plants and herbs in the pretty cottage garden. You too can try your hand at weaving, pirn winding and spinning – costumed guides are always on hand to help. And you can see a DVD presentation on the village’s involvement in the making of Paisley shawls.

Acquisition details
Given in 1954 by the family of Miss Christie, the last handloom weaver in the house.