Iris Society, British
Iris Society, British
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The British Iris Society was founded in 1922 by iris enthusiasts whose interests were primarily to establish a forum for the exchange of views and knowledge of the genus. It is open to all, and confined to neither academics nor "experts", and over the years has attracted lovers of irises who wish to enjoy and share the delights and beauty of these flowers.

On this website you will find a basic guide to the irises and for the more adventurous a detailed A-Z. Information about the BIS is here as well as a list of its events and sub-groups. Many pages contain pictures, if you click on the them you will usually get a better view. Use your back button to return.

There are a number of Iris Societies from around the world represented on the web and to reflect the British nature of the site, there is a list of the UK Dykes Medal Winners, a page on Where To See Irises in the UK and we intend to add soon a page showing some of the British irises which have been bred over the years.

We hope you will enjoy this site and come to share our love, excitement and interest in Irises.