Vineyard and Garden Fitz Ritter
Vineyard and Garden Fitz Ritter
The vineyard’s stately, classical mansion, built in 1785, with its gleaming, yellow façade and protecting, majestic trees gives the visitor the impression of time having stood still. An artesian well feeds the arch of sparkling, lily-pad adorned fountain in the lush, extensive garden which has been awarded the title of ‘Most Beautiful Garden on the German Wine Road’. Visitors will find a 350-year-old oak and the largest Gingko Biloba on German soil. You will also see the Tudor-style half-timbered courtyard with its ancient, black, volcanic cobblestones, blooming oleander, fig and olive trees and overflowing, color-splashed window boxes.

Nearest city: Ludwigshafen (23km) nearest airport: Frankfurt Main (98km), Frankfurt Hahn (133km)

Weingut Fitz-Ritter
Weinstrasse Nord 51
67098 Bad Duerkheim
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