Nymphenburg, Munich
Nymphenburg, Munich
Next to Munich’s Botanical Gardens lies the famous Baroque complex of Nymphenburg. Originally built to celebrate the birth of their son and heir and envisaged as a summer residence for the Elector Ferdinand Maria and his consort Henriette Adelaide of Savoy, Nymphenburg and its ravishing gardens grew steadily over 300 years.

he building itself, begun in 1664, started out with a small ornamental garden. Under the direction of Girard and Joseph Effner, not only a canal system with a variety of water features including the intricate pumping mechanisms was created, but also an axially symmetrical garden with ornamental flowerbeds was built, radiating out from the palace. Further work was carried out by Sckell in the 18th century to replace some of the more formal elements and create a more natural, English look.

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