Weihenstephan, Freising
Weihenstephan, Freising
Weihenstephan, another inspirational New German garden, has been established in the small town of Freising near Munich. The visual effect of Foxtail Lilies paired with Euphorbia griffithii and Filipendula, along with Catmint, sages and Stachys is breathtaking.

ll plants are compatible for their ecological needs and flower on a large scale due to repeat planting. The garden is part of the teaching – and experimental garden of the University of Munich and apart from the glory of the planting, there is much to be learnt here by the keen amateur gardener.

Lehrgaerten Weihenstephan
Am Staudengarten 9
85350 Freising
Tel. 0049 8161 714541
Internet: (German)