Mr Straw's House
Mr Straw's House
Address: Mr Straw's House
7 Blyth Grove
Postcode: S81 0JG
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Telephone: 01909 482380
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Mr Straw's House

Fascinating 1920s tradesman's home

This modest semi-detached Edwardian house was the family home of well-to-do grocers William and Florence Straw from 1923. It is remarkable because the Straws' two sons preserved it almost unaltered till it came to the National Trust in 1990. The interior with its 1920s wallpaper, heavy Victorian furniture and household objects provides a rare glimpse into interwar middle-class life. There are displays of family costume, letters and photos and a typical suburban garden

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Reference: 90931
Description of image -  A full view of Mr Straw's red-brick House. There is a modest front garden which is contained between the house and a little green fence. The house is three floors and has bay windows.
Credit for photograph: Rupert Truman
Copyright: ©NTPL/Rupert Truman
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