Stephen Newby - Garden Sculptures
Stephen Newby - Garden Sculptures
Address: Fullblown Metals
Unit 6
The Clocktower Buildings
Postcode: LA12 8LY
Email: Please Click Here
Telephone: +44 [0] 709 212 6874
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Stephen Newby is the creator of Full BlownTM

His unprecedented work over the last six years remains an enigma.  He has produced results never before seen with stainless steel, and has created his own unique style within the realms of modern art and design.

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See award-winning designer Stephen Newby sculptures in the Festival Gardens

Stephen Newby, is exhibiting a collection of his spectacular stainless steel sculptures throughout the landscaped grounds at Springfields Outlet Shopping and Festival Gardens. The ‘blown’ steel sculptures are largely based around a water theme, featuring a specially commissioned ‘Kaleidoscope Wheel’. Situated in the canal, the rotating 15’ waterwheel is a visually stunning sculpture, reacting to changes in light and environmental colour through the gentle movement of water. Other pieces will include a ‘waterwall’ of floating pillows suspended from a background of reflective mirror polished steel and a beautiful cascading ‘water pyramid’ consisting of a stack of stainless steel ‘pillows’, providing an eye-catching addition to Springfields’ designer gardens.

Using a process similar to glassblowing, Stephen has been perfecting the art of blowing steel for nearly a decade. Whilst passionate about his work, he enjoys challenging and reinventing the forms that metal can take, “My intention has been to take the cold, clinical and industrial connotations that stainless steel invokes and subvert these by transforming it into something soft, tactile and organic. Blown metal is actually a synthesis of the ‘organic’ and the ‘manufactured’.”
The fluid and organic appearance of Stephen’s blown steel sculptures are intended to bring further harmony to Springfield’s tranquil gardens; whilst reflective surfaces will continually react to changes in light, soft undulations blend effortlessly into already serene spaces. Having experienced great success in his career and by keeping his methods a secret, Stephen has baffled many experts hoping to emulate his now patented process of blowing steel. His work covers many areas from complete interior schemes to architectural, public art and exterior projects and has been exhibited throughout Europe and the US. Smaller examples of his work are on sale in the prestigious Harrods, London.