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Iron Vein
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Inspirational and contemplative pieces for the garden and other living spaces, created by designer-makers Viki Govan and Richard Warner.

Bespoke metal work sculpture and furniture designed to enhance your life, and made to last.

If you don't see what you had in mind, we offer obligation free design and costing with an emphasis on client consultation, to ensure you achieve exactly what you want in your outdoor living space.

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Iron Vein Framing Sculptures

Using a fusion of traditional blacksmithing skills - hot bending and manipulation, drawing and shaping - and state of the art industrial metalworking techniques -CNC plasma, laser and water cutting - Viki Govan & Richard Warner are able to bring you contemporary steel sculpture and furniture the like of which you've never seen. Their unique design aesthetic enables them to create cutting edge work which is organic and timeless, that can complement any environment be it traditional and conservative or modern minimalist.
Their eye for the classic results in understated pieces that hold interest long term - they eschew gaudy and brash in favour of tasteful, discreet pieces with which you can live - which improve with the passing of time and the joy of familiarity.

You will grow to love a piece of Iron Vein sculpture or furniture, and it will last you a lifetime, due to its solid construction, attention to detail, quality craftsmanship, and durable materials. Unless otherwise specified, all pieces are hot dip zinc galvanised to make them impermeable to the weather. The zinc chemically reacts with the steel to create a surface the elements cannot quickly breach.

Whatever the space you are furnishing - be it an entire landscape, the terratza of your latest property or the cubby hole by the fire - Iron Vein can provide you with what you want. They make hand forged benches, chairs, stools and tables; organic and organiform sculptures inspired by the natural shapes around us; abstract free standing or wall hanging art forms; shelving, bedheads, curtain poles, candle holders and other domestic or commercial ironwork - in fact anything you desire to be made for you from steel.

Viki and Richard pride themselves on their no nonsense expertise, and will do everything they can to ensure that what you want is understood and executed precisely, giving you a finished piece that will enhance the surroundings into which it is placed, thereby improving the quality of your life. Specific site visits can be arranged at cost, and they are happy to work up designs from photos of the site or design keys you wish to incorporate.




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Telephone: (+44) 01938 850380
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