INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS TO ‘GOING GREEN’ - the Sustainable Drainage System by Bradstone

INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS TO ‘GOING GREEN’ - the Sustainable Drainage System by Bradstone
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Recent research carried out by leading hard landscaping manufacturer, Bradstone, has highlighted a growing trend among consumers for ‘green’ products for the garden.

This trend has emerged very slowly over the last five years, in fact five years ago when the question was asked customers really weren’t interested in products that were kind to the environment. Research in the last six months has shown a complete turnaround with people keen to buy green providing the price is right.

With this in mind, Bradstone has introduced a number of environmentally friendly products to the 2006 portfolio.

To save water, the Sustainable Drainage System is new for 2006. The innovative system can be used in a domestic garden setting, conserving and allowing the householder to reuse rainwater.

In an average household, gardening, car washing and toilet flushing can account for about a third of annual water consumption. The new system collects rainwater and this water can be used for the domestic chores that do not need water at a drinkable standard.

The water recycling and harvesting system utilises both hard and soft surfaces for collecting and storing rainwater. Rainwater is collected with leaves and debris filtered out via a Bradstone patio, aggregates and geofilter. The water is then stored in a holding tank immediately below the patio, drive or lawn. Water can then be drawn off via a pump as required.

The building of the system uses a number of toughened, loadbearing plastic cells which are wrapped in a water-tight membrane. These units are easily clipped together to form both the rain tank and the base to a garden patio or driveway and replaces a granular stone base. The surface can be any Bradstone paving laid on a bedding aggregate, but having large enough joints with which to brush in decorative stones as infill.

Marketing manager for Bradstone, Paul Wagstaff, says, “Research among consumers has highlighted a growing desire for ‘green’ products in the garden. This system is already used in commercial settings, and moving it into the domestic market place seemed an obvious step.

“The system carries numerous benefits – it reduces bills on metered water, reduces the risk of garden flooding, is chlorine free, so is much better for crop and plant irrigation, and ultimately helps save a precious natural resource.”

To complement the system, a new paving product, Old Town in Conservation shade has been developed using up to 85% reclaimed and recycled aggregates. The product is a grey brown shade and carries the seasoned appearance of ageless natural stone. In three sizes, it can be used to create a random or formal design.

Paul continues, “Green is the key word for 2006, and our research indicates this is a trend that will continue to grow. Feedback to both products has been very positive since their launch and we look forward to seeing how the consumer will take to them when gardening season really kicks off in March.”

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