HYDRA's Organic Leafmould Campaign

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Turn over a new leaf



Gardeners could be “raking it in� by saving their autumn leaves rather than letting them go up in smoke, says HDRA, the organic organisation.


HDRA holds the National Leafmould Campaign every year to show how simple it is to start making your own. Gardeners can apply for a free leaflet that explains exactly how to make this superb soil conditioner, seed sowing mix, potting compost and mulch – without spending a penny.


Sally Smith, HDRA's Head of Information, says: “Lots of gardeners put their autumn leaves on a bonfire or throw them away, but it's just as easy to put them to good use by making your own leafmould. You will be saving yourself money and helping the environment at the same time.�


Burning leaves produces carbon dioxide that causes global warming and throwing them away adds to the burden on our landfill sites. But recycling autumn leaves actually benefits the environment by enriching and improving soil, whilst providing an alternative to peat that is extracted from vital wildlife sites.


For a copy of the “Make your own Leafmould� leaflet send a large stamped addressed envelope to: Di Smiton, Leafmould leaflet, Ryton Organic Gardens, Coventry CV8 3LG. This leaflet can also be downloaded from HDRA's website at throughout the autumn. For further information call 024 7630 3517 or email

HDRA, the organic organisation, is dedicated to researching and promoting organic gardening, farming and food and boasts a membership of more than 31,000. The charity is based at Ryton Organic Gardens, Warwickshire, and it manages two more beautiful display gardens: Yalding Organic Gardens, Kent, and Audley End Organic Kitchen Garden, Essex (in association with English Heritage). To find out more visit For further enquiries call 024 7630 3517 or email

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