Herbal Haven

Herbal Haven
Address: Herbal Haven
Coldhams farm
Saffron Walden
CB11 3YL
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Telephone: 01799 540695
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About Herbal haven

Originally small farmers, we first became interested in herbs when a friend fresh out of horticultural college came to stay with us. At the time we grew potatoes and sold them on a stall along with locally produced soft fruit, logs, eggs etc and our friend began to grow a few herbs to sell too. A year later she moved away to get a ‘proper’ job but we continued growing herbs and started to expand the range, selling at local fetes and markets.


That was nineteen years ago and now we grow over one hundred and thirty varieties, cut and come again salad boxes, British handmade terracotta pots – filled and empty - and hanging baskets.

We attend over one hundred and fifty shows a year around the country where we enjoy meeting and chatting with customers. Even so our nursery is still fairly small and run with the help of a small enthusiastic team of people.

We cherish the wildlife we have here. There are toads, frogs and newts living underneath the trays in the tunnels (and slugs unfortunately) and always plenty of bees, hoverflies, dragonflies and butterflies all attracted by the flowering plants.

Although we have had a website for a few years now, it is only in the last three that we have begun to sell our plants on the internet. There was a bit of trial and error at the beginning with the packaging and lots of our relations received herbs in different packets with varying degrees of success. The formula we have now seems to work very well.

We also added non plant products from our good friend Nessa, who had worked on the nursery for four years previously and is also a NIMH registered herbalist. She makes all the lovely creams, oils, teas and bath salts etc.


Contact / find us:

    Herbal Haven
    Coldhams farm
    Saffron Walden
    CB11 3YL

Phone: 01799 540695


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