Helen Nock Artist Designer

Helen Nock Artist Designer
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Helen makes unusual garden furniture and sculpture from found and reclaimed materials combined with traditionally forged iron.  Designs range from tables and seating to bird baths and wall works, individual sculptures and blacksmithing commissions.

Slate and glass form the main body of the surfaces incorporating other materials such as ceramics made in Helen's studio and anything that is interesting and durable.

My love of nature and being outdoors strongly inluenced my decision to make beautiful and unusual things that live outside. A chance to play on a blacksmith’s forge led to developing techniques and designs in which I could integrate or combine wrought iron. My interest in mosaic method is fired by it's flexibility and hardy utility and I am excited by the diverse possibilites it offers in combinations of media and technique. Old roofing slate and sea-worn glass form the main body of the surfaces alongside a collection of repurposed materials.

Features forged out of non-corrosive metals are both decorative and functional in the construction and often inspired by a materials original purpose or history. Waste and found metals such as, copper, nickel cutlery, stainless steel, lead and aluminium are incorporated and just about anything that is interesting and weatherproof. Material is sourced from all sorts of places including finds from our beautiful southwest coastlines from Portishead to St. Ives.

I use weatherproof mortars, adhesives and backing boards and experiment with waste aggregates such as, fine clinker from the forge and stone dust for moulding the bases of bird fonts and other forms. Repeated sanding and waxing creates the sheen on the slate surfaces and repels rain water to stunning effect. Minimum maintenance of occasional clear waxing and buffing protects the work indefinately in all weathers. The metal bases are galvanised for full  protection from rust and any desgn can be produced. 

Some bases and art works in studio stock, please enquire. Commission and made to order lead times vary between two to twelve weeks depending on requirements.

A range of one-off designs are available from the studio and Helen welcomes private and public commissions.  Please contact Helen on 07890 247186 or 01934 413435 to discuss your needs or ideas without obligation or you can email me at 


occasional tables permanent art

Helen_Nock_tables_3.jpg Helen_Nock_tables_4.jpg 
Helen_Nock_tables_5.jpg Helen_Nock_tables_7.jpg
Helen_Nock_tables_9.jpg Helen_Nock_tables_10.jpg
One-off, individual garden table designs from the studio art collection. These designs can be made up to 90cm wide. Optional chairs or stools to create a stunning set and iron work made to order from examples shown or customised. Some furniture bases in stock, please enquire.

sculpture & wall art

Helen_Nock_wall_art_11.jpg Helen_Nock_wall_art_12.jpg

Creature Comforts

Helen_Nock_bird_fonts_13.jpg Helen_Nock_bird_fonts_14.jpg

Bird fonts are totally weatherproof supplied with or without bases.

mosaic and metal furniture
Helen_Nock_garden_furniture_15.jpg helen_nock_turning_point.jpg

Examples of seating and table combinations. This furniture does not blow over in high winds!

two dimensional works, abstract, immediate, subliminal

Helen_Nock_paintings_17.jpg Helen_Nock_paintings_18.jpg


Helen_Nock_commissions_19.jpg Helen_Nock_commissions_20.jpg

Examples of furniture designed to client specification

If you would like to make further enquiries about the work or delivery, or just offer feedback there is no pressure to buy

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