Guruve unique contemporary african art

Guruve specialises in unique contemporary stone sculpture from Zimbabwe

We promote the very best in contemporary African art, finding talented young artists and bringing their work to a wider audience.

We also promote artists from elsewhere in sub-Saharan Africa who work in a wide range of media from oils to scrap metal.

At Guruve, we believe in doing business the right way. We treat artists with the respect they deserve, building long-term relationships based on friendship and trust.



Guruve, pronounced g-roo-vy, is a small town in northern Zimbabwe famous locally for its pink Moroccan-style hotel. It is also close to Tengenenge, an established sculpture community, which is how we found it on the map when researching stone sculpture in Zimbabwe (the 'Shona art movement'). An African spelling of 'groovy' was the perfect name for a company founded to bring the best young, fresh, funky African art and artists to a wider audience.

Guruve was established in 2000 to promote the very best in contemporary African art. A whole continent's creativity has been largely ignored by outsiders and we want to change that. But we are also an ethical business - we want to convince African artists that some international patrons can be fantastic people to deal with, who bring good business and build strong friendships.

More controversially, we are also not convinced that development aid money is always the best cure for all ills. Guruve know that an artist (or anybody else!) in Africa who has produced a wonderful piece of work and receives a high price for it feels proud and fulfilled, can provide for their extended family, and is much more motivated to work hard in the future than is anyone who has received something for free.

Nevertheless, we are also committed to bringing some of the income from sales back to the artists we promote, and to funding opportunities for young aspiring artists. We have made various donations to African artist groups, of materials and tools, food, etc. In fact, we have even sponsored workshops for children in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe with the help of established local artists. We have very strong relationships with many Zimbabweans and will continue to support them through these difficult times.

Tim and Emma, co-founders of Guruve, are two young ex-professionals who have exchanged impersonal office jobs for the challenge of running an ethical business that improves the lives of the talented individuals we promote. We brought with us commitment, integrity and a strong service ethic and added our own warm personalities and a passion for Africa.

All the African artists we promote have remarked on how nice we are to do business with, confirming that our business ethics work - indeed, artists often make their best pieces especially for us as they know they will get an extremely good price. So you benefit from a choice of the highest quality original artworks, and you can trust that your money will be invested back into Africa for the benefit of aspiring artists of current and future generations.

We have much more information on our website - Ethical Business - Young Sculptors - Sponsored Workshops - Shona Art Movement - Artists in Bulawayo - Ugandan Art - The Gambia - Restoration - Sculpture Care and Repair CLICK HERE to learn more about us and what we do:

Affordable Art - At home or in the office, indoors or outdoors, these works make a striking addition to anyone’s living space.
We offer beautiful and unique sculpture, paintings, prints and more. Graceful stone sculptures from Zimbabwe provide the perfect finishing touch to a modern interior, and they are also fantastic centrepieces for any garden. Original oil paintings, powerful metal sculptures or framed prints will transform your home or office. Guruve also provides limited edition prints on canvas of some of the more prestigious artists' oils to make these works more accessible.

Each piece is signed by the artist and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, the artist's biography and lots of background information.
These unique works make an original gift. Whatever your budget, you'll find lots of gift ideas among Guruve's wide range of contemporary African art.
If you are looking for something special, Guruve can provide the answer at a very reasonable price.



Only a small number of available works are displayed in the gallery. If you are looking for something specific and can't find anything suitable in our gallery, just ask us. Let us know what you are looking for - sculpture or pictures, figurative or abstract, or a particular artist or style. We can send digital images of any promising candidates to you by email, enabling you to choose from a personalised gallery selection in the comfort of your own home or office.



Guruve - Chelsea Flower Show 2006

guruve_e083a.jpg guruve_e085a.jpg guruve_e099a.jpg guruve_e102a.jpg  guruve_e143a.jpg guruve_e183a.jpg

guruve_f049a.jpg guruve_f067a.jpg guruve_f129a.jpg guruve_f130a.jpg guruve_f131a.jpg guruve_f142a.jpg guruve_e104a.jpg

Contact us:
Phone: +44 (0)1920 87 29 49
Mobile: +44 (0)7956 89 79 78

Find out more by giving Tim or Emma a call
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Guruve unique contemporary african art
Guruve unique contemporary african art
Guruve specialises in unique contemporary stone sculpture from Zimbabwe We promote the very best in contemporary African art, finding talented young artists and bringing their work to a wider...
Guruve unique contemporary african art
Guruve unique contemporary african art
12 - "Entwined Lovers" by Guruve - £1,750 Telephone Tim or Emma on 01920 87 29 49 Mobile 07956 89 79 78 click "how to buy"  for...
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