Floral and Hardy Garden Design and Construction

Floral and Hardy Garden Design and Construction
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Floral and Hardy
Garden Design & Construction

It can be daunting choosing a garden design company to trust with your project, we have all heard of, or experienced first hand estimates that double when sub contractors are not managed 90% of garden designers are individuals without their own teams who recommend contractors who then pay 10-15% of their contract value to the designer.

There are of course unreliable and unscrupulous builders and indeed companies who make promises they can’t or won’t keep. So how do you know if we at Floral and Hardy are any different? The short answer is you don’t

However Helen and I have built Floral and Hardy on the principle of giving Sensational Service this in not a Gimmick it is sound business sense.

We want you to feel comfortable enough to choose our service and at the end of the project know you made the right choice in Floral & Hardy. If you have any questions feel free to call me Paul Ellison on 07970 826439 if I’m busy I promise to call you back the same day if you leave a number

Our gardens are evolving into an extremely valuable multipurpose resource. Gone are the days when we all opted for the rectangle of lawn surrounded by flowerbeds. With the change in climate in the UK your garden can be a lush, sub-tropical oasis, subtly lit, designed for sophisticated entertaining.

Your garden can be an enchanted place for your children with exciting secret areas and planting that encourages wildlife that will delight them. You may dream of recreating that cottage garden that you remember from your own childhood or imagine a brook running through your garden that appears to be completely natural.

You may want all of these elements and more, but whether you have contemporary or traditional tastes, you have a courtyard, a roof in the city or acres in the heart of the countryside, our job is to make your garden the first place you want to be when you arrive home - all of course maintenance free!

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