Compost Bins

Compost Bins
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Compost Tumblers

Compost Tumblers - compost tumblers can help turn what is traditionally a ten-plus month practice into a 14 day fast-track composting process! Fill with your organic waste from the garden and kitchen and give the drum a couple of spins once a day. The efficient mixing allows the bacteria to work fast and generates high core temperatures, resulting in usuable compost in just two weeks - given the correct mix of material and weather conditions. Any liquid produced by the composting process - which traditionally leaches into the soil and is wasted - can be collected used as a high potash feed. We've been busy testing the various compost tumblers in our range and they've helped to produce some fantastic compost for our Kitchen Garden with the minimum of effort!

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Wooden Compost Bins

Wooden Compost Bins - the wooden compost bin is the traditional way to make garden compost, and has been used in various guises by generations of gardeners. Often tucked away in a secluded corner of the garden, these bins have never been the most attractive addition to the garden - until now that is, as we've manage to combine performance with looks and produce a range of wooden compost bins (some designed and manufactured here in our factory) which you'll be proud to display. With composters capable of holding 400+ litres of material, and featuring stylish beehive models, we're sure our range will meet with your approval - and to satisfy a really hungry garden, you can 'go large' with a 1000 litre version!

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Wormeries are a great method making garden compost to supplement the larger scale compost bins and tumblers often used in the garden - and there's no need to be squeamish as worm composting is relatively clean and maintenance free. Worms will greedily munch through kitchen waste which is unsuitable for the compost bin; keeping a wormery is fun and educational and you won't have to feed them every day (going on holiday for a fortnight is no problem) - it makes sense to have one! And that's without mentioning the sheer quality of the wormcast ultimately produced; justifiably tagged the best natural fertiliser known to man. We've designed and manufactured our own wormeries along with sourcing the best currently on the market and you'll also find various packages of live worms to top up your existing wormery, or perhaps set-up a brand new venture. Either way, you'll end up with worm cast absolutely erupting with nutrients, a great looking garden and hundreds of little composting experts to help!
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Kitchen Composters and Caddies

Kitchen composters and caddies are perfect for those occasions you just don't fancy wandering down to the compost heap, or you haven't collected enough waste to warrant a trip. Vegetable and kitchen waste is a valuable composting material and the kitchen composting solutions we've discovered will both store peelings et al until you add them to the heap, and even start the decomposition process off - in complete cleanliness and odour-free - in your own kitchen. With bokashi buckets, good-looking crocks, practical caddies and recycling bins, you'll be gleefully bringing your composting activities indoors!


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