Caring For The Trees In Your Garden

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Caring for the trees in your Garden


If you’re moving into a new home and are inheriting some large trees or are considering having your very own orchard, the thought of planting saplings and maintaining existing mature trees can be a daunting one. However, properly taking care of trees is vital for safety reasons, to support biodiversity, and to help the wildlife in and around your garden to survive and thrive. Offering shade, fruit, colour and amazing habitats for all kind of species our native trees are invaluable. So, how can you ensure you’re taking the very best care of the large trees in your garden?

Identify your trees

Before you can begin to care for the trees on your property it’s important to identify what species they are. Different species require individual attention, and your choice of new trees  will depend upon the size of your land and the distance available between the trees and your house. If you have the space and to make a positive impact on local biodiversity choose from the larger, native tree species of; alder, silver birch, elm, wild cherry, beech, willow, hawthorn, hazel, rowan, oak and sycamore.

Do your research

When you’ve identified your existing large trees, or are choosing new trees to plant, you will need to conduct some research into the behaviour of the species, their maintenance needs, and the costs involved. Are you growing a single tree, or planting an orchard or woodland? Does the tree attract a particular pest? Is it prone to any diseases, or pests that will need treatment? What trees will thrive in your garden’s soil? How tall will your tree eventually grow, and how far will its roots and branches spread? When is the best time to plant your tree, orchard, or woodland? If you’re planting a fruit tree or trees, have you considered harvesting times and yield? Understanding how your trees are going to grow will help you to consider maintenance costs and practicalities and help you to make the right decisions about placement and care.

Regular maintenance

Trees typically need less regular maintenance than many other shrubs, plants and flowers that you may choose to grow, however, it’s essential to take proper care of the larger trees on your property – for the sake of the trees, their resident wildlife, your personal safety and that of family members and friends that may visit.

After planting, younger trees may benefit from a spiral guard to protect their bark, while top-heavy trees will need a stake to support their trunks as the roots spread to support their weight. Avoid using a lawnmower or strimmer near the base of your trees, and routinely prune dead leaves, twigs and branches, including those growing inwards, and unwanted shoots growing low down the trunk. Regular watering of newly planted trees is essential and some mulch will keep to keep your tree healthy.

Call in the professionals

The best way to care for your larger trees is to call in the experts every once in a while for an assessment, or when you identify a potential issue. Tree surgeons (arborists) don’t only fell trees, but also offer pruning services, ivy and weed removal, emergency tree work, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, and assistance with planting, as well as surveys to ensure larger trees aren’t becoming a safety issue. If you’re considering planting some trees, an arborist will provide expert guidance to make sure you get it right first time. The work of an arborist is often essential when it comes to maintaining larger garden trees. Why not look up tree surgeons in South London to see how they could help your trees to flourish?

Source the right tools for tree maintenance

To plant, and care for a tree you need all of the right tools . Planting trees obviously requires a spade to dig the planting hole, a watering can or hose, pruning shears, stakes and tree ties. Don’t forget to dress appropriately for the work, wear sensible, sturdy shoes, and a pair of thick gardening gloves.

Finally, be sure to take the time to appreciate the trees in your garden. Admire their colours and movement in the wind, and the animals, birds and insects that have come to call them home. The best way to care for the larger trees in your garden is simply to be aware of them and to be able to identify any issues as and when they arise. Seek out all the information you can, and never be afraid to seek assistance from a team of professionals. Those trees are doing a wonderful job, as are you by caring for them.

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