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22:33 22-Mar-2019

FOCUS offers a broad range of own-brand and branded products to decorate and enhance your home and garden as well as the tools to carry out the projects, from paint, wallpaper, bathrooms and kitchens to power tools, building materials, plants and lawnmowers. Focus DIY currently has over 5000 products available for purchase online


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Cuimhne Inspiring Gardens
"Cuimhne" Inspiring Gardens
The Irish language word Cuimhne means memory, but it can also be used to denote a memorial. It is the root of verbs to consider, to think, to reflect and to recollect. The idea is to utilise an...
Discovery Libra School
"Discovery" Libra School
The theme of this garden is a canal scene. The garden has been designed by the pupils of Libra School as an interpretation of a traditional English canal and Lock Keeper’s Cottage, complete...
Hope Boardman, Gelly and Co
"Hope" Boardman, Gelly and Co
Built for Combat Stress, ‘Hope’ is based on a question mark symbolising the unknown path that life takes and the path to recovery. The garden has three large pyramids in red, white and...
Mythago Wood Garden Mythago Wood Garden
"Mythago Wood Garden" "Mythago Wood Garden"
This is a practical design inspired by the ‘mythago’ novels of the author Robert Holdstock. The habitat is the English woodland edge, and promotes native planting and the creation of a...
Pelotee Place: Learning from Africa Send A Cow
"Pelotee Place: Learning from Africa" Send A Cow
‘Pelotee Place: Learning from Africa’ provides a glimpse into what life will be like in the UK in 2058. Land costs, population growth and world temperatures have soared, and young...
Somnium Argentum  - Conceptual Garden
"Somnium Argentum" - Conceptual Garden
Caragh Walsh This garden is intended to represent a dream-like scenario; on completion this installation could be appropriately sited within the grounds of a hotel, spa, holistic centre or a...
Southend Borough Council’s ‘Metal’ Garden Southend-on-Sea Borough Council
"Southend Borough Council’s ‘Metal’ Garden" Southend-on-Sea Borough Council
The garden is based around water issues including those of water conservation and excessive runoff and is designed to showcase planting suitable for an increasingly drier, hotter climate. The...
Sustainable Family Garden Floral and Hardy
"Sustainable Family Garden" Floral and Hardy
Designer: Helen Ellison Sponsor: Floral & Hardy Intended for a family with young children, the Sustainable Family Garden has been designed as a place for children to play and for families to...
The Copella Apple Juice Garden Sadie May Stowell
"The Copella Apple Juice Garden" Sadie May Stowell
Inspiration for this garden is drawn from an apple orchard environment. The main function is to provide visual relaxation and enjoyment, and an adult space in which to relax and entertain. The...
The Edible Playground Dorset Cereals
"The Edible Playground" Dorset Cereals
This garden showcases a 2008 national campaign sponsored by Dorset Cereals called ‘Edible Playgrounds’. This initiative seeks to inspire and encourage schools to develop small, productive...
The Green Room Brandwidth/Holiday Inn
"The Green Room" Brandwidth/Holiday Inn
This garden is designed to demonstrate ways to improve your living space and make the most of your surroundings by literally bringing the outdoors inside. Visitors will be taken on a journey to...
The Homebase Room with a View Homebase Ltd
"The Homebase Room with a View" Homebase Ltd
Inspired by the Ionic Temple at Rievaulx Terrace in North Yorkshire, this is an ornamental garden for a professional couple with school age children. The layout has classical overtones, blended with...
The Magic Garden Dial-a-flight
"The Magic Garden" Dial-a-flight
This is a magical fantasy garden for children and adults alike. Via a wardrobe, pushing past coats, you enter a woodland garden inspired by Narnia. Its aim is to take you into a winter woodland...
Three in One Garden Garden Friendly Brothers Ltd
"Three in One Garden" Garden Friendly Brothers Ltd
The ‘Three in One Garden’ combines an edible garden, a family garden, and an adult contemporary garden all within the boundaries of a typical urban space. A decked area will be used...
1 Exhibitors A - F Chelsea 2007
1 Exhibitors A - F Chelsea 2007
Acanthus Antiques Site number: RN8 Contact: D Newland Tel: 01643 704 469 Email: Address: 15 Irnham Road, Minehead, Somerset, TA24 5DN, Product: Ceramics, Garden / conservatory furniture,...
100 Litre Wormery
100 Litre Wormery
This 100 Litre Wormery relies upon the help of hundreds of composting experts - worms - and is a great way to start producing your own compost at home, as well as cutting down on the household waste...
1000 Litre Compost Bin
1000 Litre Compost Bin
We thought of a thousand reasons why a 1000 Litre Compost Bin would be the fulcrum of your home composting activities - that's why we sat down and came up with this design! Ideal for larger...
140 Litre ComposTumbler
140 Litre ComposTumbler
Produce your own organic compost in just 4-6 weeks from garden and household waste in the simple to use 140 litre capacity Compost Tumbler.  Simply load the 63cm diameter by 63cm wide drum with...
150 Litre/33 Gallon Beehive Water Butt
150 Litre/33 Gallon Beehive Water Butt
Bring a taste of the Africas to your garden with this 150 Litre/33 Gallon Beehive Water Butt - manufactured from resin to look uncannily like clay - you'll be giving this urn-shaped, lightweight,...
HERBY AND FRUITY, PRICKLY AND ROOTY 16 NEW NATIONAL PLANT COLLECTIONS AWARDED BY NCCPG A feast of new National Plant Collections® have been added to the NCCPG’s lists in recent weeks...
2 Exhibitors G - L Chelsea 2007
2 Exhibitors G - L Chelsea 2007
Gabriel Ash Ltd Site number: RHW38 Contact: Mr D Carruthers Tel: 01829 271888 Email: Address: Monument Farm, Churton Road, Farndon, Chester, CH3 6QP, Product: Greenhouses, Cold...
2 Seater Wooden Bench
2 Seater Wooden Bench
This easy to assemble hardwood garden bench would look great in any garden or patio. The "H bar" beam under the seat provides additional strength and security. For more...
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2006 Chelsea Flower Show Tickets on Sale
2006 Chelsea Flower Show Tickets on Sale
2006 Chelsea Flower Show Tickets on Sale The world's greatest flower show, The Chelsea Flower Show 2006 will be open from Tuesday 24 May to Saturday 28 May from 8am to 8pm daily except Saturday when...
2008: The Best Rhs Chelsea Flower Show Ever!
2008: The Best Rhs Chelsea Flower Show Ever!
20 May 2008  2008: The best RHS Chelsea Flower Show ever! The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) has pronounced the 2008 RHS Chelsea Flower Show to be the best one ever! Sixteen of the...
2008: The Best Rhs Chelsea Flower Show Ever!
2013 RHS Chelsea Flower Show Show Garden Exhibitors
2013 RHS Chelsea Flower Show Show Garden Exhibitors
RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2013 Fabulous Show Gardens Fabulous Sculptures And lots of celebrity visitors Exhibitor: Arthritis Research UK Garden Name: The Arthritis Research...
235 Litre/52 Gallon Black Oak Effect Water Butt
235 Litre/52 Gallon Black Oak Effect Water Butt
Get the oak effect but at just halfthe price with this heavy duty 235 Litre/52 Gallon Black Oak Effect Water Butt, complete with a child safety lid, drain offtap and cut out section for an inlet...
3 Exhibitors M - Z Chelsea 2007
3 Exhibitors M - Z Chelsea 2007
Mark Reed Site number: SR31 Contact: Ms H Croad Tel: 01760 441555 Email: Address: Ashill Fruit Farm, Swaffham Road, Ashill, Thetford, Norfolk, IP25 7DB, Product: Mark...
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