Red Dust Ceramics

23:27 16-Jul-2018

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Classical, Figurative & Modern Garden & Interior Sculpture


My inspiration comes from a fascination with antiquity and mythology created by childhood memories of living on the island of Cyprus. Exploring as a child I would suddenly discover seemingly discarded fragments of a previous age.

The edge of a pillar, the juxtaposition of the ancient and modern - on the one hand a random event, on the other a conscious and purposeful placement, always fascinates and intirgues.

My love affair with sculpture started at school and continued briefly at Art College before I worked as a stone carver, potter, art technician, 'branched' into production management in various potteries and then spent some time in a pottery making terracotta garden pots.

Eventually, after being sidetracked for many years into ceramics, I decided to marry my first love. My production experience and my creative sculptures have created the ideal partnership. So here it is and here I am 35 years later.


Red Dust Ceramics
Kirkharle Courtyard
Northumberland, UK
NE19 2PE
Tel: +44 (0)1830 540464
Fax: +44 (0)1830 540465

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Red Dust Ceramics - Dennis Kilgallon
Red Dust Ceramics - Dennis Kilgallon
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