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14:04 23-Aug-2019

Make your passion work for you!

Get up - in the car - traffic - station packed - wait for train crowded - walk to office in rain or cold - get to work - office politics - leave work - go to station - train late - train packed - finally get to your station - find your car - dawdle in traffic and finally get home. Then do it all again the next day and the next - how much time are you able to be productive and achieve want you would really like to achieve?


How would you like to set up your own business and do something you really enjoy doing? Build and commercially publish your own website around one of your passions or interests? 

  There is no longer any mystery to building websites - nor do you have to be a geek. Content management systems have evolved so that if you can type with two fingers - have a pc, telephone and a broadband connection you can build an ONLINE publishing business from home. We have developed a number of top ranking, search engine optimised, directory websites - THE Gardening WEBSITE is now a 15,000 page website and the UK's Number 1 WEBSITE for Gardening

THE Gardening WEBSITE is our flagship - it is found across all the major search engines for over 40,000 gardening terms. THE Travel WEBSITE is now hot on its heels - another passion - TRAVEL. And that will be followed by THE Gourmet WEBSITE - yet another passion - FOOD & DRINK

MY WEBSITE provides the opportunity for you to acquire a no-nonsense domain name and  / or the software to build your own directory website. All you need do is choose the subject to publish on the web.
Sport, Health and Fitness, Business, a hobby or one of the above or one of the domain names we have detailed to the left and right of the screen?  
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So what are the set up requirements and costs to get you going ?
  • personal computer
  • telephone
  • broadband
  • domain name

  • For domain name and software - budget around £3,000 - £4,000. The rest is up to you - you choose whether you simply want a web presence for an interest or hobby or an international e-commerce website which dominates the search engines.  You might just want a domain name ! Have a look at our fully operational examples.

    Whether you are looking for just a no-nonsense - domain name, or for information and help on how to publish ONLINE with a full e-commerce Internet Website Business, just call, email, or fill out the form below and we can call you and show you how easy it is to make your passion work for you on the web - MY WEBSITE






    Interested in setting up your own ONLINE publishing / e-commerce website - or simply looking to buy a domain name - then why not contact us to see if we can help?

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