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 NGS - National Gardens Open Scheme


There are few people who have a positive experience in a pandemic but with so many people being locked down, we have seen unprecedented visitors, page views and income on THE Gardening WEBSITE and so we want to re-direct some of that income to some of the nations best known charities who at the other end of the spectrum, have been hit so badly and what better way than through the NGS - National Open Garden Scheme which thanks to the generosity of garden owners, volunteers and visitors has donated over £60 million to charity since 1927

NGS - our nominated Charity for 2021

Some NGS gardens, (those with appropriate space), have been able to remain open and you can still visit the NGS website and enjoy online talks, plan your future visits by searching online through 3,600 beautiful gardens; watch a virtual garden visit  or purchase the 2021 Garden Visitor's Handbook .

And with all that time spent in your own garden and everything you have bought from THE Gardening WEBSITE (thank you) you might consider opening your own garden and making it 3,601 gardens for people to enjoy !

To find out more about the fantastic support the NGS gives - please CLICK HERE

To go straight through to our Just Giving page and donate to the NGS - please CLICK HERE


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