Advertising options for Garden Nurseries

07:17 20-Jan-2018


To achieve the full benefits of the search optimisation of THE Gardening WEBSITE we are offering THREE options to choose from to have your Garden Nursery listed, promoted, linked and cross referenced for the location, products and services you want to be found for on the web.

THE Gardening WEBSITE is fast becoming THE UK’s Number One Gardening Website for buyers of gardening products and services. It is now a massive website - in excess of 15,000 pages and because of that it features for an ever increasing number of searches made by people using the web to find and purchase gardening products and services.

OPTION 1 - £52.00 per annum

  • Business name
  • Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Link to your post code address which also links to Multimap and Weather Forecast for your postcode so your customers can find exactly where you are
  • Link through to your Email address
  • Link through to your website address
  • Link to your geographical location on THE Gardening WEBSITE i.e. postal Town / Village address
  • Your logo
OPTION 2 - £99.00 per annum
We will additionally include:

  • Two A4 pages (as a guide) of text which can describe the essentials of your business.
  • Four images of around 200 x 300 dpi resolution which could be any of your specialist area(s) / service(s) or your logo.
  • Listings of county / city / town within THE Gardening Website e.g. Berkshire, Windsor where you need to be included so browsers can quickly and precisely locate you.
  • Listing within THE Gardening Website according to your main speciality
OPTION 3 - £199.00 per annum
We will additionally include:

  • Text up to ten A4 pages (as a guide) - which can describe the full detail of your business and / or your Plant List and act as a comprehensive web presence for you and / or ensure web browsers to THE Gardening Website, link through to your website
  • Browsers can also search by specialty - see OPTIONS below - to a maximum of five.
  • Images – to a maximum of 10 – all of around 200 x 300 dpi resolution sent as email attachments which could be images of the products and services of your choice which in turn can provide "click through" links to the specific URL's within your website e.g "CLICK on image of Acer to go through to the section on Acer Varieties within your website". 
Specialty options include:

  • Acers Specialist Nurseries
  • Alpines Specialist Nurseries
  • Aquatics Specialist Nurseries
  • Artemisia Specialist Nurseries
  • Bamboo Specialist Nurseries
  • Cacti Specialist Nurseries
  • Clematis Specialist Nurseries
  • Conifers Specialist Nurseries
  • Cottage Garden Plants Specialist Nurseries
  • Ferns Specialist Nurseries
  • Fruit Trees Specialist Nurseries
  • Fuchsias Specialist Nurseries
  • Gladiolus Specialist Nurseries
  • Grasses Specialist Nurseries
  • Hedging Specialist Nurseries
  • Hellebors Specialist Nurseries
  • Herbaceous Plants Specialist Nurseries
  • Herbs Specialist Nurseries
  • Hosta Specialist Nurseries
  • Iris Specialist Nurseries
  • Japanese Plants Specialist Nurseries
  • Lavender Specialist Nurseries
  • Mature Specimen Plants Specialist Nurseries
  • Narcissus Specialist Nurseries
  • Orchids Specialist Nurseries
  • Ornamental Trees Specialist Nurseries
  • Perennial Plants Specialist Nurseries
  • Primroses Specialist Nurseries
  • Rhododendron Specialist Nurseries
  • Roses Specialist Nurseries
  • Seeds and Bulbs Specialist Nurseries
  • Shrubs Specialist Nurseries
  • Tropical / Sub Tropical Plants Specialist Nurseries
  • Tropical Conservatory and Greenhouse Plants Specialist Nurseries
  • Tulips Specialist Nurseries
  • Wildflowers Specialist Nurseries
If you wish to appear on the Gardening Website please advise which OPTION you require and then email us with the content, images, listing requirements, email and website address as soon as possible to

If you would like to chat through what we can do or have any questions – please give us a call on 01359 233 404. If you do not have and need a website we can also help with that.

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Option 3 @ £199 per annum
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