My WEBSITE - About Us

13:08 19-Jan-2019

THE Gardening WEBSITE is a directory website - its purpose to provide the market leading website to find the gardening plant, product or service you are looking for and for suppliers, to be found on the web for the gardening and horticulture products and services they are selling. THE Gardening WEBSITE receives over one million hits per month and achieves high rankings on all the major search engines for over 40,000 gardening terms and search strings.

Or you may be looking for a domain name that works - we have some great gardening domain names

Or you may be looking for a full search engine optimised e-commerce website - again we can help. Our skill sets involve publishing, marketing and sales on the web. We are not tecchies, far from it - we use the best possible software that means we don't have to be. Our mission is to publish and develop the best possible website businesses.


Within the Group My WEBSITE we have:


And putting all these together:

Do give us a call if you want more information on 01359 233 404 we'll be delighted to chat through in more detail or visit for more details on the above and other Internet Website Businesses that are available. Or just complete the following form and we can call you back at a time to suit you.