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Anthony Smith Sculpture
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Anthony Smith

Sculptures by Anthony Smith grace private collections around the world as well as those of major institutions such as the Natural History Museum of London, the British Museum and Cambridge University. Combining his education in zoology with his talents as a sculptor, Smith travels the world, studying animals in their natural habitat before meticulously crafting his limited edition sculptures in bronze.


Anthony Smith Sculpture - Young Darwin Statue





Anthony’s passion for Natural History led him to read Zoology at Cambridge University, where he specialised in the study evolution and behaviour, including the work of his great hero, Charles Darwin. Alongside his scientific studies he established a career an artist, having begun exhibiting and selling his bronze wildlife sculptures in London at the age of 18. After graduating in 2005 he set up his own sculpting studio and has since been working on major commissions including creating statues for Cambridge University and the Natural History Museum of London as well as a new two-pound coin for the United Kingdom.

Anthony draws the inspiration for his wildlife sculptures from extensive observations of animals in the wild. He has travelled all over the world, studying and photographing animals in their natural environment.

‘…I was greatly inspired by the works of late 19th century sculptors such as Rodin, Bugatti and Pompon. I spent countless hours studying their work and learning from their techniques.’      
        - Anthony Smith

He has been the Artist in Residence in both the Falkland Islands and South Georgia, and has sailed around the world working as a television presenter for a documentary series about the Voyage of HMS Beagle. In 2013, Anthony was commissioned to sculpt a seven-foot tall statue of the great naturalist, Alfred Russel Wallace, for the Natural History Museum of London. This was the first new statue commissioned for the Museum in more than 80 years, and now stands in the gallery overlooking the great hall of the Museum.

He is now travelling extensively in the Arctic and Antarctic, gathering reference material and inspiration for an expanding series of polar sculptures.


Anthony regularly undertakes commissioned works; please feel free to contact him for details at

- The Royal Mint – £2 coin, in circulation in the United Kingdom
- The Natural History Museum, London – seven-foot tall bronze statue
(First new statue for the Museum in more than eighty years)
- Christ’s College, Cambridge University – life-sized statue of Charles Darwin
- The Linnean Society of London – portrait bust
- Winchester College – portrait bust
- Aegis Living, Seattle, USA – life-sized statue
- Dr Yusuf Hamied – portrait bust for Christ’s College, Cambridge
- The National Botanic Garden of Wales – portrait bust
- The Sedgwick Museum, Cambridge – portrait bust of the young Charles Darwin
- The Fleming Family – centenary portrait bust of the James Bond author Ian Fleming
- Cambridge University Sedgwick Museum – twice-life-size portrait bust
- Artis Royal Zoo, Amsterdam – wildlife sculpture
- Winchester College – Lord Clark Medal and the Kenneth Clark Prize medal
(now in the national collection of coins and medals at the British Museum)


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